The Angami Baptist Church Council (ABCC) is one of the twenty constituent members of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC).  Its headquarter, Kohima, is the second station of the American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society in Nagaland. It is much to the credit of the sacrifice and contribution of the foreign missionaries that today, there are about 30,000 baptized members from 104 churches working together under the ABCC.

In 1946, the Rev. J. E. Tanquist started a vernacular Angami Naga Bible School with a view to train and provide leadership to natives in the local churches.  However, as the Indo-Naga political problem heightened, all foreign missionaries were made to leave the area.  Due to political turmoil and financial constraints, the Bible school could not continue beyond the mid-sixties.  However, many students of the vernacular Bible school took up leadership roles and nurtured the churches, and at the same time propagated the gospel in spite of extreme hardship.  Since then, the Baptist Church in Kohima was left without adequate training facility till the establishment of Shalom Bible Seminary in 1996.